breathers, walnut ca

Hot Rod Care

It has been a long time since the 90 degree breather has had an update but now a new product is available. The new model has some corrections to its function compared to the way it was before. That means you will get better performance for your hot rod than you had before.

One thing that was needed was a change in the internal baffles. This is now modified to control splashing of oil. Normally, you have the foam in the cavity and that soaks up the oil. Changing out the foam is necessary since it deteriorates over time, necessitating the addition of engine oil.

If you are looking for better breathers, walnut ca has what you are looking for. Now you have one that is properly designed so that it will drain at an angle of 45 degrees backward. With this, you are able to mount the breather outside of the valve cover. You had to mount it internally before.

breathers, walnut ca

You want to keep a clean design for you hot rod and that means a good breather with a new mount is needed. This new model uses inconspicuous set screws to hold it in place. That way, you don’t have to use large screws or any logos. After all, you are not being paid to advertise a brand.

You can get the breather to sit upright when you mount it if you can drill holes in the valve cover. This is because the new breather is cast and machined with precise locations for the mounting holes. Unlike the older breathers, which are not machined properly, you now have a proper mount.

Give your hot rod the look and the performance you have been wanting to with much easier mounting and less maintenance than before. You will be glad you did. You will be leaving cars with the old breathers in the dust.