new boat designs

The Beauty of Being Different

A marina filled with yachts and boats is a beautiful site. For so many people, those floating pieces of paradise symbolize wealth, luxury, the embodiment of the good life.

new boat designs

Many of those vessels moored together look surprisingly the same. Oh, they might have different manufacturers, be painted different colors, and they might be christened with different whimsical names, with those names emblazoned proudly on their sterns. To the trained eye, those yachts and boats look the same. 

It’s time for new boat designs.

After working a lifetime getting ahead; after working hands-to-the bones to have something special, to have something more for self and family, why would anyone want a yacht that looks no different than anyone else’s? Why should shipyards follow the same practice of pre-fab housing, where so many homes-even mansions-look remarkably the same? Why should anyone who has the means to purchase something great purchase something indistinctive, boring, the same?

Why not let the culmination of a lifetime of dreams be great, and special?

Doesn’t a lifetime of hard work deserve the reward of something unique, something new, something individualized?

When a yacht or boat featuring new designs, new features, and a new look pulls into the harbor, people pay attention. People notice. People start yearning for that newness, for themselves.

It’s fitting into the crowd, versus turning the crowd’s head.

New boat designs are tremendously aesthetically pleasing.  They also feature the latest, and best advances in comfort. Most importantly, these new designs include the cutting edge of safety design.

When the ownership of a yacht or boat represents the culmination of a lifetime of dreams, and the result of a lifetime of work, shouldn’t that yacht or boat represent the newest, and the best the industry has to offer?